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bathing tips

Baby bath tubs & accessories are made for your baby’s unique bathing needs. What’s the best way to bathe and groom your little one?


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Bathing Tips

  • Before you start bathing baby, collect all of the essentials to have within arm’s reach; mild baby shampoo, body wash, towel, clean clothes, diaper and diaper cream to name a few! Since you should never leave a baby in a bath unattended, even for a second, having things close is important.
  • Your baby’s skin is far more sensitive than yours. Keep the water temperature tepid and test it on a more sensitive area than your hand – like your elbow.
  • Never fill a tub while your baby is in it, even when you are supervising. Running water can change in temperature without notice, and it’s a danger to your baby.
  • Only fill your tub or sink with 1-2 inches of water, and keep a firm hold on your wiggly bundle. Babies are slippery at the best of times, and soapy water makes them more so. Even a few inches of water can be dangerous to a baby. Keep the water level low, and never leave your baby unattended.
  • Use mild baby cleaning products on your baby’s delicate skin. And when you wash baby’s hands, be sure to rinse them right away before moving to the next body part; newborns like to rub their eyes when they are tired and relaxed!
  • When it comes time to dry off, pat the skin, don’t rub. And use a soft towel designed for baby’s sensitive skin. Also consider laying the towel out next to the tub, so you won’t have to position it while holding a slippery baby.
  • Finally, have fun! A lot of babies come to love the one-on-one time with their caregiver, and like the water even more. There are lots of bath toys on the market to help you and your baby enjoy this time together!