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Baby Bathing Buying Guide

Baby bath tubs & accessories are made for your baby’s unique bathing needs. What’s the best way to bathe and groom your little one?


So, you’ve brought home your little bundle of joy. It’s time to think about having some squeaky clean fun with your baby! Do you plan on using a regular bath tub with a baby bath seat or would you prefer to work at your kitchen sink? Can you stand or kneel for an extended period? And how about storage for the tub when it’s not in use?  Once you answer these questions, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of bathing system you’ll need. We’ve got baby bath tubs, accessories & baby grooming products for a blissful bath time.

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Tub Types

Newborn Baby Bath Tubs

There’s no doubt, newborns have special needs when it comes to bathing. Unlike older, bigger babies, they have weak muscle control and need more support. If you’re looking for a bath tub that’s specifically designed for your newborn, be sure to check for some of these features:

  • head and neck supports
  • a mesh, sling-style holder designed for newborns
  • a reclining or angled back or removable back rest to keep baby in a comfortable position
  • a temperature guard that changes colour when the water is too hot
  • a good sized tub with removable infant features, so the tub can be used when your baby is bigger

Baby Bath Rings and Seats

Once your baby is out of the newborn stage (typically around the 4 month mark), you have a few more options.  Should you opt to work around your adult bath tub, you could go for a bath ring or baby seat that can be used in the adult tub which will keep your baby in an upright or reclined position while you bath him. It’s important to note that these products only help with bath time, and a baby should never be left alone while using one. Features to look for:

  • a T-bar or strap that goes between baby’s legs to help keep him in place
  • a mechanism to help keep the seat upright; either suction cups or a clamp that attaches to the side of your adult tub
  • proper sizing – make sure it’s not too big or small to seat your baby comfortably
  • onboard features like toys to make bath time a splash

Infant and Baby Bath Tubs

Once your baby is out of the newborn stage, there are plenty of other options for bathing. One is the rest-on-the-rim baby tub which sits securely across the adult tub and gives you the convenience of a tap nearby. Many come with a plug that can be pulled, releasing the water into the adult bath tub below. Some parents find these tubs handy because they make the transition to the adult bath tub easier when the time comes.

Or, perhaps you’ve decided that the kitchen counter or sink will be the perfect place for bathing baby. If so, tubs to fit over or in your sink are easy to find. They offer the same convenience as ones for the adult tub in that they have a plug to drain the used water, and they usually come in varying sizes to accommodate your child through several stages.

Alternatively, you might go for a basic flat-bottom tub. Most people prefer to use these on the kitchen counter, close enough to the sink to make it convenient to drain. Of course, the extra kitchen counter space helps keep you organized with baby’s essentials close at hand, too. You can also place a flat-bottomed tub on the floor or any other hard, sturdy surface that’s convenient for you.

In any of these cases, there are a few details to look for when buying a baby bath tub:

  • Decide on what type of material you’re looking for. Some tubs are soft and inflatable, while others are hard plastic that won’t buckle or warp.
  • Do you need a foldable model because of limited storage space?
  • Look for a plug or drain feature on the bottom to easily discard water.
  • There are lots of onboard features available, including battery-operated water sprinklers and toys to make bath time fun.

Generally speaking, baby bath tubs or systems are only used for a limited time with your baby. Usually by 24 months, your baby will be ready to graduate to the adult bath tub (which will definitely accommodate more toys). Whatever baby bath system you choose, remember that these baby years go by fast, so use it as a time to have some splish-splashing fun with your little one!