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Baby Feeding Buying Guide – Nursing Aids

Breastfeeding? Bottle feeding? Choosing how to feed your baby is a big decision; so is picking the right pumps, bottles & accessories.


Nursing Aids

Nursing Pillows

In case you’re new to breastfeeding, or feeding a baby in general, nursing pillows are usually rounded or crescent shaped pillows that go around your waist, and make it easier to feed your little bundle by elevating him to the right level. They are used in the sitting position, and are conveniently designed to keep the weight of the baby resting on the pillow instead of on your arms, so you aren’t as fatigued while holding him. There’s a variety of styles on the market, so be sure to investigate which type might work best for you. Also note that these pillows, despite their name, are just as handy to use when bottle feeding or even holding a sleeping baby comfortably.


Nursing Bras

If you’re all about ease and convenience, nursing bras can be a great addition to your underwear wardrobe when you’re breastfeeding. Sears has a good selection of styles, colours and sizes to meet your needs. Be sure to check them out!