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Baby Feeding Buying Guide - Bottle Feeding

Breastfeeding? Bottle feeding? Choosing how to feed your baby is a big decision; so is picking the right pumps, bottles & accessories.


Bottle Feeding

Whether you’ve opted for formula feeding, or intend to bottle some of your breast milk for future use, baby bottles will undoubtedly play a large role in your new baby’s feeding routines. There are lots of different styles on the market to choose from, but just a few points to consider before purchasing.



  • Some parents opt for plastic liners to go in both plastic and glass bottles, to cut down on messes.
  • Some babies swallow more air than others when they eat, which can cause some tummy troubles in the way of gas, spit ups or indigestion. To help with this issue, check out the variety of bottle shapes, angled bottles in particular, that are designed to reduce air flow to the nipple.
  • Nipple flow rate, or how fast the milk comes out of the nipple, can also affect how quickly your baby ingests his meal. Since milk that flows through the nipple too quickly can increase the amount of air swallowed, find a nipple that allows baby to eat at a slower pace at first. You can buy faster flow nipples for your bottles as your baby grows.
  • Know the difference between latex and silicone nipples. Latex nipples are softer, but less durable. Silicone nipples are firmer and tend to last longer.
  • As for the size of your bottles, newborns shouldn’t require more than 4-oz. bottles during one sitting at first. However, as your little bundle and his appetite will grow quickly, you may decide to buy larger 8 or 9-oz bottles from the beginning, and just adjust the milk levels accordingly.
  • Keep in mind, the old fashioned methods for warming bottles for baby or sterilizing them after feeding are tried and true, but more convenient methods are now available. Microwavable bottle sterilizing kits are great for busy families, and electric bottle warmers are handy to have if you’re not near a kitchen.