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Range Hoods Buying Guide – Key Features

A range hood or vent hood keeps your kitchen smelling fresh. Discover the variety of ventilation methods available for your kitchen.


Key Features

Range hoods are now available with interesting new features and add-ons, which may help to make your new range hood a better fit for your home.


Automatic Shutoff
This feature allows you to leave your hood running after you are finished in the kitchen to ensure proper ventilation. The hood will turn itself off after a specified period of time.


Filter Monitor
A filter monitor with an indicator light is a very convenient option to have on your range hood. The monitor will determine when it’s time to change your filter and the light will turn on to notify you. This takes the guesswork out of changing your filter and acts as a good reminder system.


Halogen Lights
Good lighting is important when cooking. Halogen lights provide a bright and energy efficient source of illumination.


Some range hoods operate without a filter and can be programmed to clean themselves automatically. These hoods are easy to maintain, making them a good choice for today’s busy schedules.


Touch Control Panel
Newer and more high-end models have touch-pad controls with options for more customizable operation, along with an on-and-off timer.


Variable-Speed Fan with Heat Sensors
A variable-speed fan can handle different cooking situations. When combined with a sensor that can detect the heat coming from your cooking area, this option allows your range hood to automatically speed up when more aggressive ventilation is needed.