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Range Hoods Buying Guide – FAQ

A range hood or vent hood keeps your kitchen smelling fresh. Discover the variety of ventilation methods available for your kitchen.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a range hood?
Range hoods help extract the grease and odours from food as it cooks. A fan traps steam and cooking odours, passing it through a filter before re-circulating it, or venting it outside. The overhead light on a range hood also provides an additional work light in the kitchen.


What is the advantage of a micro-hood combination?
The combination microwave oven and range hood is installed over a range or cooktop, saving you counter or cabinet space. A vent at the bottom of the microwave draws smoke and odour out of the kitchen.


How often should I clean my filter?
To get the best results from your range hood, frequently clean the filter that traps kitchen grease and replace the charcoal filter according to the manufacturer's instructions.


How do I properly install my range hood?
Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing a hood. Typically, your range hood should be installed at least 18 to 30” above your cooktop. Your hood should also be at least as wide as your cooking surface. This will help ensure steam does not escape into your kitchen. When venting externally, use a solid, smooth-walled metal duct. To maximize ventilation and airflow, keep your duct’s route as short as possible with few, if any, bends. You will have to install a wall or roof cap over your external hole. Professional installation is always available if this job is too advanced for your skill set.


Can I get an ENERGY STAR® range hood?
There are currently no ENERGY STAR® rated hoods on the market.