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Vacuums Buying Guide – FAQ

Canister? Upright? Carpet cleaner? With all the options available, make sure you pick the vacuum right for your home and cleaning needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I change the dust bag?

A dust bag should be changed before it completely fills with dirt to maintain maximum suction on vacuums without a power flow bag chamber. A full bag can inhibit airflow and affect the machine's cleaning power. A performance indicator light may tell you when it’s time to change the bag.

What should pet owners consider when shopping for a vacuum?

The main issue for pet owners is pet hair on furniture and floors that can be difficult to remove. A vacuum with a Pet Handimate (air driven) or Pet Powermate (motor driven, for canisters) really helps with removal of pet hair from furniture and stairs, while good airflow and agitation will take care of the floors.

What is the best way to vacuum a wood floor?

A canister vacuum with a floor brush attachment works best on wood floors. If you own an upright model be sure to turn off the agitator (bare floor setting) when cleaning hard surfaces to avoid scratching and damage to wood or ceramic floors.

A family member has allergies or asthma, what should I consider?

Small airborne particles can be increased through the process of vacuuming, which can cause irritation to those sensitive or allergic to these particles. Particles can be picked up from the floor and circulated into the air. Filtration is very important. A HEPA filter helps to remove many of these particles. A vacuum rated as “True HEPA” will provide the maximum removal and retention of small particles without them leaking or exhausting into the air.

How can a vacuum help me clean more than just my floors?

Most vacuums come with attachments to help with above floor cleaning. Vacuuming dust from home surfaces removes the dust once and for all, as opposed to moving it around with a feather duster or dust rag. A powered hand tool can remove dust and pet hair from upholstered furniture as well as carpeted stairs or the inside of your car. A vacuum with horsehair tools is gentle on fine wooden furniture, a piano keyboard or lampshades and drapes. Some models come with a tool designed to clean ceiling fan blades, and a crevice tool can reach into the corners of the ceiling to remove cobwebs. You can truly clean from floor to ceiling.