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Refrigerators Buying Guide – Key Features

Your refrigerator says a lot about you. Top mount, bottom mount, side-by-side; each type is made to suit individual cooking styles & food storage needs.


Key Features

Here are some notable things to consider when purchasing a refrigerator, including some optional up-grades or add-ons, which may make your new refrigerator a better fit for your home.


Capacity refers to the volume of interior space your refrigerator has. Consider the size of your family and the quantity of food and beverages that you need to store on a regular basis. A fridge with a larger capacity will cost more; however, if you stick to a common configuration, like top mount without the bells and whistles, a large capacity fridge for a growing family can still fit into your budget.

Remember, capacity isn’t always the same as usable space. Two fridges both listed as having 20 cubic feet of capacity might be laid out very differently inside once you consider configuration, shelf or crisper placement and ice dispensers, which take up all important freezer space.


Today's energy efficient refrigerators use significantly less power than appliances did a decade ago. Sears Canada carries the largest assortment of ENERGY-STAR® rated appliances. Check the EnerGuide label to find out how much energy a model will use under normal operating circumstances. The label also tells you what the operating costs will be compared to other refrigerators.

Water and Ice Dispenser

A convenient built-in dispenser on your refrigerator door provides fresh, chilled water any time you feel like it. And if you'd rather have ice cubes, or crushed ice for drinks, it can do that too.

Filtered Water

Improve the taste and look of your water with the addition of a built-in water filter. Carbon filters help remove dirt, dust, chlorine, odour and some contaminants from drinking water. Some refrigerator models include filtration sensors that tell you when it's time to change the filter.

Spill Proof Shelves

Cleaning up minor food and beverage spills is no problem with a spill-proof ledge that keeps small messes from becoming big ones. Spills are contained on the easy-to-clean tempered glass shelves.

Crank Adjusted Shelves

Adjust the height of your shelves without clearing off food or beverages. A simple turn of a crank moves the shelf to accommodate large or small containers.

Contour Door Styling

These are smooth painted or stainless steel doors that are curved for the ultimate in fashion styling for your kitchen.

Fast-cooling Compartment

In the past, when you needed to cool something down quickly, putting it in the freezer was the only option. Now, you can get a refrigerator with a special compartment that is colder than the rest of the fridge, but not below freezing. This is great for canned beverages that may expand if accidently left in the freezer.

Quiet Operation

This feature means the operational noise that your refrigerator produces has been lowered, making your kitchen quieter.

Door Alarms

Leaving the fridge or freezer door open by accident is common, but it wastes energy and can spoil food, like milk. Modern refrigerators come equipped with alarms that will let you know if a door has been left open longer than usual.

Improved Insulation

Newer refrigerator models don’t need the traditional thick walls in order to maintain even cooling throughout the interior. Improved insulation technologies mean thinner walls, and that translates into greater interior capacity as well as improved energy efficiency.

LCD Displays

Modern refrigerators come equipped with external LCD displays, which provide temperature and other relevant performance information without having to open the doors.