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Humidifiers Buying Guide - Features

Humidifiers provide the right amount of humidity to help improve your health, protect your furniture and investments, and save money on heating costs.



Built in Humidity Meter (Humidistat)

Choose the target humidity level and the machine takes care of the rest. As too much humidity causes problems with mould and dust mites, this is an important feature.

Ease of Use

A tabletop or console humidifier should be easy to fill, move and clean. The tank should fit easily beneath a faucet. Some consoles have no tank and need to be filled directly. On evaporative models, the wick should be easy to replace. Look for user-friendly digital controls and displays of humidity level and other settings.

Noise Level

If background noise is something that you find distracting, this might be something for you to consider. Most modern humidifiers sold by the bigger brands are very quiet these days. In general, warm mist humidifiers make less noise than cold mist units.

Transparent Reservoir/Low Water Indicator

Easily see when you need to top up or refill water.

Automatic Shut-off

Auto shut-off is important as it prevents wasted electricity use when the water runs out. It is also a key safety feature on some element-heated models as they might overheat if left on.

Running Time

How long the humidifier runs before a water refill is needed.

Variable Speed Settings

Some days, or at certain hours, you might need your humidifier to work harder or less vigorously, so this option can be useful. The speed will also influence noise output and energy consumption.


Some models offer air purification, sterilization, dehumidification, etc.

Filter and Parts Replacement

Different models have different replacement suggestions for filters, pads or other parts that need routine replacing. Some models promote a filter-free design, meaning you simply clean rather than replace the filter, saving money on associated costs.

Room Size

How many square feet a model humidifies. If humidification is needed for a larger space or multiple rooms you might wish to consider larger or multiple units.

Medication Cup

Blends respiratory medications into the mist.


Special or illuminated indicators make it easier to know when to replace a filter or refill water.