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Freezer Buying Guide – Glossary

A freezer not only preserves food, it can also help save you money. If you like to shop in bulk or have a large family, a freezer is a must-have for your home.



Cabinet Material

Painted Steel - Paint covers a smooth steel surface.

Textured Steel - Durable steel surface that has an orange peel-like texture. The textured surface hides blemishes and fingerprints.

Capacity (Cu./Ft.)

The amount of space available for food storage in the freezer. Space is measured in cubic feet.

Defrost Drain

A drain in the bottom of the freezer allows melted water to empty out for convenience. After draining, the plug should be replaced.


Describes the exterior width, depth and height of the freezer. Before purchasing a freezer, measure it to make sure your new appliance will fit through existing doorways

EnerGuide Rating (kWh/Year)

The EnerGuide rating is your guide to energy efficiency. It tells you how energy efficient a particular model is. The label provides information on the amount of kWh per year the model will use under normal circumstances. The lower the number, the less electricity the appliance uses.

Food Storage Capacity (lbs.)

A guide recommending the maximum amount of food that can be stored in the freezer. The measurement is in pounds.

Food Storage Chart

A chart listing how long vegetables, fruit, meat, breads, etc. should be frozen is provided inside the freezer.


Polyurethane foam between the exterior and interior walls of the freezer that provides insulation.


A heavy-duty chrome lock with a pop-out key secures the freezer door. The key pops out of the lock after use. The key should be stored in a safe place. This safety feature prevents children from opening and closing the freezer.

Power Cord

There are two types of power cord. Standard and Heavy Duty. Heavy Duty cord is longer, thicker and more powerful.

Power On Light

A light on the handle indicates the freezer is working. This visual check comes in handy should anyone accidentally unplug the power cord.

Temperature Alarm

When the temperature rises inside the freezer, an alarm will sound, letting you know there's a problem with the appliance.


Freezer System - Defrost Type

Cold Control

Temperature can be adjusted on most chest and upright freezer models.


Frost-free freezers prevent ice build-up, making them maintenance free.


Freezers must be defrosted regularly when ice accumulates. Before removing ice with a plastic scraper, the temperature control must be turned to OFF and the electrical cord unplugged.

Rapid Freeze

Bulky food items or a large quantity of unfrozen food can be quickly frozen by continually running the compressor. Rapid freeze locks in freshness and nutrients in foods.


Storage Compartments


A wire mesh divider sits on the bottom of the freezer, allowing you to sort and organize food.

Door Shelves

Fixed - Fixed shelves cannot be moved.

Adjustable Shelves - Allows you to customize the interior by adjusting the shelves. Some limitations apply.

Food Gates

On upright freezers the gate prevents food from rolling on to the floor when you open the door. It provides a separate compartment for large, bulky items, or small, irregularly shaped items.

Interior Light

On most models, a light comes on automatically when the freezer door is opened.

Juice Rack

Some models provide a can rack that holds frozen juice containers.

Level of Storage

The freezer compartment may be divided for up to three levels of storage, making it easier to sort and find food.

Number of Shelves/Baskets

Tells you how many shelves/metal baskets are available on a model. More shelves make it easier to organize small items.

Type of Baskets

Standard - A basic basket that comes with most freezers.

Heavy Duty - A heavier gage basket designed for longer life.

Fixed - The basket cannot be moved.

Pullout - The basket slides out for easy access to food.

Tilt Out Bins on Door - The bins tilt forward for easy access to food.