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Freezer Buying Guide – FAQ

A freezer not only preserves food, it can also help save you money. If you like to shop in bulk or have a large family, a freezer is a must-have for your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy an upright or a chest freezer?

The answer depends on the amount of space you have for a freezer. An upright takes up less floor space than a chest freezer, making it a good choice for a kitchen or main floor laundry room. Chest freezers are great for storing larger quantities, and are great in a basement or garage.

What’s the best way to store things in a freezer?

Proper packaging will help preserve the freshness of meat, vegetables and baked goods. To keep foods fresher longer, use clean, moisture-proof containers and wrappers designed for freezers. Press out as much air as possible before closing the package. A tight seal is important. Store packaging is generally not air and moisture tight.

How do I keep my freezer at its optimum working condition?
  • Keep your freezer almost full at all times. The less open space available, the less the freezer has to do to keep things cold.
  • If your freezer is half empty, and you don’t have any food to put in it, you can fill empty containers with water to keep your freezer at its most energy efficient.
  • Make sure you place your freezer in a cool part of your home. If it is near a window with sunlight it will have to work a lot harder, and use more energy.
  • Check the seals regularly to make sure no cold air escapes.
  • Defrost your manual defrost freezer once a year for optimal performance.