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Dryers Buying Guide – Key Features

A dryer is a vital part of your laundry system. Find out what you need to know before you purchase one of these around-the-house helpers.


Key Features

These are some of the more popular dryer features available on the market today. Prices, manufacturers and model types vary, meaning that not all these features will be available on every dryer. Determine your family’s needs before you purchase a dryer that has extra features. This will help prevent you from over-paying.

Damp Dry Signal

Ironing clothes is easier when the fabric is still damp. And now you can take the guesswork out of when to pull clothing and household items out of the dryer. Heated drying, followed by a no-heat tumbling will leave just enough moisture in the load to make ironing less of a chore.

Electronic Controls

Traditional models have dials that allow you to set the dryer to the desired cycle or length of time. Newer dyers have touch-sensitive controls and digital displays. Keypad controls offer an easy clean smooth surface.

Even Heat Computerized Dryness Control System

Dramatic temperature fluctuations can actually damage clothing, so keeping heat at a constant temperature is an important feature. A computerized thermistor manages the temperature swings, allowing clothes to dry faster at lower temperatures. This feature may help you save time and money.

Extended Tumble

Using this option, clothes will continue to tumble without heat even after the cycle is over to prevent wrinkling. This is an added convenience if you do not immediately remove dry clothes at the end of the cycle - perfect for starting the dryer before bed and removing clothes in the morning.

Heated Dry Rack

Ideal for drying all the things you can't tumble-dry - like sneakers, sweaters and caps. Insert the rack into the dryer, place the items to be dried on top, and let the heated air flow directly into the rack to give concentrated heat for efficient, uniform drying.

Lint Filter Blockage Indicator

Lint can block your vent, which can not only prolong drying time, but can also be a fire hazard. While not technically a safety feature, dryers that include an indicator for when the lint trap is blocked can help you ensure efficient and safe operation. Regardless, this is not a substitute for checking and cleaning areas where lint accumulates regularly.

Moisture Sensor

Like computerized dryness control, a moisture sensor determines when you clothes are dry to prevent unnecessary overheating of fabrics. A moisture sensor measures the level of moisture in the clothes and shuts down automatically when the clothing is dry.

Sound Reduction Package

The better the machine, the less noise it will make. The Sound Reduction Package refers to the amount of material utilized to reduce the level of noise during the operation of your dryer. Sound dampeners can be added to the top, sides and bottom of the cabinet, and also the drum. The package is available in the following levels:

  • Standard
  • Good
  • Better
  • Best

This feature can be particularly important if the laundry area is close to the living area.