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Dishwashers Buying Guide – FAQ

Dishwashers are great time savers in the kitchen, plus they can also help you save on energy and water costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How hot should incoming water be?

Dishwashing detergents are designed to be used in hot water no lower than 50° C (120° F). Dishwashers with a water heat option can ensure that incoming water temperatures are adequate.

Is pre-rinsing of dishes really required?

Resist the temptation to rinse dishes by hand before placing them in the dishwasher. With a hard food disposer, today's machines can tackle heavily-soiled dishes. Dirty dishes that will remain in the dishwasher for an extended period of time should be pre-rinsed using the dishwasher's rinse and hold cycle.

What is a soil sensor?

By measuring the soil level in the water, a soil sensor knows when dishes are clean. It determines how many hot water fills are required to get dirty dishes sparkling clean. When it's necessary, it tells the dishwasher to move on to the rinse cycle, saving water, energy and time.

Is it more economical to use a dishwasher than to wash dishes by hand?

Yes! Several studies support the fact that dishwashers use less water and soap than washing dishes by hand. Dishes come out cleaner from a dishwasher as well.