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Call 1-866-423-3075 to sign up.


Time to replace a filter? It’s never been easier.
Sign up and we’ll send all the filters you need right to your door.

We have filters for your:

  • Fridge
  • Vacuum
  • Vacuum Bags
  • Microwave or Range Hood
  • Lawnmower & Lawn Tractor
  • Dishwasher Salts
  • Furnace
  • Air Conditioner

Fresh filters help your appliances and garden equipment work at their optimum capacity, improving product efficiency and reducing energy costs. Plus by replacing your filters regularly, you and your family can enjoy benefits such as cleaner, better tasting water and fewer household allergens.

Our Filter Replenishment Program offers:

  • Automatic shipping of replacement filters
  • Pay-as-you-go financing
  • No commitment: you can opt out any time
  • Call 1-866-423-3075 to sign up

To sign up for the program and for more details,
call 1-866-423-3075 today.