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How to Measure for a Refrigerator

Nothing is worse than the feeling you get when – after doing all your research to find the perfect refrigerator – you discover that your new, expertly chosen refrigerator is 1” too tall or 2” too wide. The key to avoiding just such an event is to measure for your new fridge well before the purchase is made. It’s an easy process and you’ll only need a pencil, a piece of paper and a tape measure.

Measuring the Dimensions

Unless you are buying a refrigerator with the exact dimensions of your current fridge, you should measure the location of where you intend to put the fridge.

Measure the Height

Place the end of the tape measure at the very top of where your refrigerator will be placed. Pull the tape measure down and measure all the way to the ground. Record the measurement.

Measure the Width

Place the measuring tape on the left inside of the fridge location. Measure to the right side of the opening. Record the measurement.

Measure the Depth

Place the measuring tape against the back wall and extend outwards to the farthest point that the refrigerator can reach out (you may have to guess or extrapolate a little bit here depending on your placement of the appliance).

Note: For all dimensions, add about an inch or two of clearance on all sides, to ensure the refrigerator will fit.

Shop & Measure

All of the dimensions should be available in-store or online when you’re browsing, but you can always bring your tape measure and figure out the dimensions yourself. Once again, you’ll want to measure the height, width and depth and ensure that all the measurements are 1” to 2” less than the space allotted for your refrigerator. This will allow for a small amount of incorrect measuring and give the refrigerator door room to swing open.