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A new mattress is a sure-fire way to get a great night’s sleep. Ensure you get the right mattress, and you’ll have restful nights for years to come.


Box Springs & Bed Frames

The box spring is the component of a sleep set that has a significant impact on durability; it is designed to absorb and distribute the weight from the mattress and to help prolong the useful life of the mattress. The box spring also raises the mattress to a desirable height.

A box spring is often made of a wooden frame and may feature additional steel reinforcements to provide strength. A supporting structure is attached to the frame, usually a strong wire coil or grid. Ticking is applied to the sides and a skid-resistant fabric to the top. The bottom of the box spring is covered in a fabric dust barrier.

There are several types of box springs.

Posture Box

The posture box is a wooden frame with a flat top, covered with the same ticking as the mattress. This construction is the least expensive to make. The posture box has no springs.

Semi-Flex Grid

The semi-flex grid is a wooden frame with a rigid metal wire grid attached above supporting slats. The semi-flex grid is firm and minimizes flex to support the mattress.


The foam box spring is made of dense foam and is used to support a foam mattress. This low-noise box spring provides an even distribution of weight from the mattress, helping prolong the mattress life.

Coil Spring

This foundation, also known as a box spring, uses a spring coil system to support the mattress. The large cone-shaped coils are made of a heavy-gauge wire to help absorb impact to the mattress. The coil spring box spring provides better support and a softer feel than the more basic box springs.

Modular Grid

The modular grid, or torsion grid box spring, is considered by many to be the best support for a mattress and is used in the best quality sleep sets. Heavy-gauge square coils are attached to a wood frame. The square coils evenly absorb the torsion of the weight transferred to them, and help prolong the life of the mattress in an effective manner.

Bed Frames

Sleep sets need support, and this is especially important for larger sizes where improper support can result in twisting or sagging. A queen-size or king-size sleep set requires extra support at the centre. Select a frame that has a centre support rail with extra legs, such as six instead of the standard four. Make sure you understand the correct support required for your mattress set. Inadequate support could compromise the integrity of your sleep set and may void your warranty.