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Q. I would like to become a Sears supplier. What do I do?

A. If you would like to do business with us, you will need to obtain contacts in our buying organization and deal directly with them.

You may wish to write a letter and address it as follows:

Sears Canada Inc.
290 Yonge Street, Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 2C3

Attention: Buyer of __________________

Q. Where are your stores located?

A. There is a Sears location within a 10-minute drive of 93% of Canadians, and Sears is dedicated to providing them with quality merchandise and exceptional service coast to coast through its

  • 122 department stores
  • 48 Sears Home stores
  • over 1900 catalogue merchandise pick-up locations
  • 147 dealer stores
  • 12 outlet stores
  • 51 floor covering centres
  • 110 Sears Travel offices and a nationwide home maintenance, repair, and installation network.

For specific contact information, please see our store listing


Q. How do I get an annual report?

A. You may view our annual report online or request a paper copy. Click here to view or request our annual report.

Q. How do I contact Sears Roebuck?

A. Please see our company information.

Q. Where is your French site located?

A. Our French site is a complete copy of our English site. On any web page simply click on the phrase "en français" to view the equivalent page in French.

Q. Are you experiencing difficulty when viewing your "email a friend" message?

A. Please try changing your browser settings to Unicode UTF-8.
If this does not work, try changing your encoding settings from within your specific email program. Ex: yahoo, hotmail, outlook etc.

Steps: On your Internet Explorer browser tool bar, click on view > encoding
Select Unicode (UTF-8). Please make sure that Auto-Select is not selected.


On your Mozilla Firefox browser tool bar, click on view > encoding characters
Select Unicode (UTF-8). Please make sure that Auto-Detect is not selected.

On your Netscape browser tool bar, click on view > encoding characters
Select Unicode (UTF-8). Please make sure that Auto-Detect is not selected.

For individual email programs, please see the help guide from within your email program.

Q. What is a browser cookie, what is Java/Java script and how do you use them?

A. A browser cookie is sent to you by our web server. Please see About Browser Configuration for an explanation of what cookies are and how we use them.

Q. How do I seek employment at Sears?

A. You may visit our career opportunities page at careers@sears.