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A freezer not only preserves food, it can also help save you money. If you like to shop in bulk or have a large family, a freezer is a must-have for your home.


Freezers can be a great way to make the most of your bulk shopping and also save money in your household. They can preserve fresh foods for long periods of time, and let you buy large quantities when items are on sale to keep the family budget on track. Choose the freezer that will work best for your needs.

Types of Freezers

Most people find the freezer in their refrigerator big enough to hold their frozen foods. However, if you like to shop at big box warehouse stores, or buy food in bulk when it is on sale, you may want to look into buying a freezer. Freezers allow you to deep freeze foods for long periods of time, letting you keep a lot of food on hand for you and your family.

All freezers consist of a large trunk with a liner. They come in two types, the chest and the upright. There are 2 major factors that will impact your decision – space and cost. If you are placing your freezer in a basement or garage, then a large chest freezer will suffice. However, if space is limited, or your freezer will be in a more prominent place in your home, you will want to opt for an upright model. These take up the same space as a refrigerator, but tend to be more expensive than the chest models.


Chest Freezer

If floor space is not an issue, a chest freezer is a good option. They have the door on the top and open like a trunk, and come in a variety of sizes. They hold the cold very well and if the lid is kept closed, they can even keep contents frozen for up to 3 days during a power outage. Very little cold air escapes when you open the door, so they are more energy efficient. Their prices tend to be on the low end of the scale, but they will take up more floor space. Their larger footprint means they tend to have a larger overall capacity than upright freezers. Chest freezers usually come in manual defrost, so you will want to place it near a drain for future defrosting. Since you have to reach into them, chest freezers can be awkward but sliding baskets can help you organize your food for easy access. The lack of shelves mean that you can store awkward or odd-shaped items easily. Chest freezers tend to last longer than upright models. Before you buy your chest freezer, make sure you will be able to get it through the doorways of your home since they tend to be quite large and awkward.


Upright Freezer

Upright freezers look and open like a regular refrigerator, with a swing door. Like a refrigerator, they have inner shelves and storage drawers. They come in many sizes and capacities, and don’t take up much floor space. Unlike chest freezers, the upright versions come in frost-free versions that don’t require manual defrosting. This means you can place the freezer wherever you like, you don’t need to have it near a drain to defrost. Automatic defrost will use more energy that a manual defrost, so these models are not as energy efficient as the chest versions. A plus is that you have easy access to foods, and don’t have to reach into them to find things. They often have internal lights which makes locating food easy. However, they are smaller than most chest freezers since the shelves and baskets take up some of the usable space. Remember, you may not be able to fit a giant turkey into your freezer due to the shelving configurations.