Fashion bedding, bed-in-a-bag sets, comforters & bedspreads all set the tone for your bedroom’s home décor style. Here’s how to choose!


In terms of bedroom décor and fashion bedding, Sears Canada has many options to suit your tastes. The most important in terms of style and comfort is your choice for the outer layer of your bed. Choosing a colour or pattern might be the easy part.

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Bed Covers

You’ll have to choose between a bedspread, duvet with cover, comforter or oversized comforter. Here’s a list of the benefits of each:

  • Bedspreads: Designed to cover the entire bed, bedspreads are larger in length and width than average comforters and duvets. You can also purchase a bed skirt to compliment the look and cover any under-the-bed clutter.
  • Duvets: Typically filled with down feathers or polyester fill, duvets are generally white and are designed to fit with a duvet cover that can be changed with the seasons, or any time you want to update your bedroom décor.
  • Duvet Covers: Generally the same size as duvets, but without fill in them. They have an opening that zippers or buttons after a duvet has been inserted. The great thing about duvet covers is that they are relatively inexpensive, and they come in a vast array of colours and patterns, which makes updating your décor easy.
  • Comforters: Soft and cozy blankets that are filled with polyester or cotton and cover your entire mattress like a bedspread.
  • Oversized Comforters: Larger in length and width than a regular comforter, an oversized comforter offers a bit of extra hang on all sides of the bed, but is smaller than a bedspread. Oversized comforters will drape properly over your extra-tall bed frame.

Cushions and Pillows

Another option for updating your fashion bedding is with cushions and pillows. They give a sense of style to a room, and can be used to make your bed extra cozy. A nice mix of these types of cushions will complement any bedroom décor:

  • Bolster: A pretty, cylindrical cushion that is decorative and useful. It can be used as a neck roll type of support or as a general back support cushion.
  • Boudoir: An elegant, rectangular cushion good for providing back support while sitting up in bed.
  • Neck Roll: A stylish, cylindrical cushion very similar to a bolster, but larger. As its name implies, it provides support to the neck while lying in bed.
  • Breakfast Cushion: A delicate, square cushion that can be used for general support or as its name implies, as a lap cushion when having breakfast in bed.
  • Shams and Euro Shams: Shams are decorative pillow cases that fit rectangular pillows. They tend to come in sizes to fit standard, queen or king pillows. Euro Shams are similar in size, but fit square pillows. They offer a unique-looking option for completing your bed.