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girl guides of canada

Girl Guides of Canada

Girl Guides of Canada

Sears is a proud supporter of the Girl Guides of Canada and their development of young women and youth. Guiding today is a unique blend of the old and the new. It's fun, active and relevant. It addresses the pressures that modern girls face by teaching them exciting skills in a safe environment. Girl Guides of Canada believes that when girls feel that they are good at something, they are more likely to feel good about themselves. In Guiding programs across Canada girls are learning to camp, to horseback ride, to snowboard, to advocate for the environment, to plant trees, to enjoy the outdoors, to cook over a campfire, to sail, to sing, to act, to dance, to design and create clothing, to take digital photographs, to bake, to baby sit, to perform basic self-defense moves, to stargaze, to use computers and to investigate the areas of science and technology. The activity-based, flexible program is appealing to girls with varying interests - we do a little bit of everything.

Girl Guides of Canada remains an all-female organization. Adult Members are women who are supported and trained to provide mentorship and act as role models. They encourage girls to speak up and be leaders in their communities and schools. For women, Guiding is a chance to meet others and to make a difference. Guiding also provides opportunities for international travel, and scholarships for those pursuing post-secondary education. Mostly though, Guiding is about girls and women laughing and having fun together. It's open to everyone - girls, women, young, young-at-heart, those with daughters in the organization and those without. Why not become a Member?

Sears proudly supports the Girl Guides ‘New Units Initiatives’ program, as well as by hosting Guiding units in our stores for annual “Registration Day” and seasonal “Cookie Days”.

Make friends for life!

Discover something new.

Call the Guides membership hotline at 1-800-565-8111 or visit


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