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4h council

Canadian 4-H Council

Canadian 4-H Council

"Learn to do by doing." 4-H Council Motto

For close to 60 years, Sears Canada has been a proud member and supporter of the Canadian 4-H Council. Sears Canada is among the very few Canadian companies to have earned the prestigious ‘Friend of 4-H Award' in recognition of the company's longtime support of 4-H at the national level. During the course of its involvement, Sears has supported youth travel, allowing hundreds of 4-H members to attend National 4-H conferences. The company has also supported the creation and distribution of marketing materials to help increase awareness of the 4-H program.

As such, Sears worked with 4-H to develop a creative campaign in an effort to boost the organization's membership, entitled "Your Grandfather's Club was Never Like This." Indeed, 4-H has extended its vision to foster and develop the leadership and cooperative skills youth can use and build on to achieve in today's Canadian society mosaic.

The Sears 4-H Club Grants Program is playing a major role as 4-H looks to so grow its membership and volunteer base across Canada over the coming years. Developed three years ago, the grant provides $30,000 annually directly to 4-H Clubs to assist with Club startup and to increase the number of after-school programming opportunities for youth living in rural Canada.

Head. Heart. Hands. Health.

Join 4-H to experience a life-changing opportunity. Learn valuable new skills and develop life-long friendships. 4-H has been helping young people reach their dreams since 1913.

For more information on the Canadian 4-H Council and its exciting national youth programs, or to find 4-H in your area, please contact:

Canadian 4-H Council
Central Experimental Farm
930 Carling Avenue Bldg. #26
Ottawa , Ontario
K1A 0C6
(613) 234-4448


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