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products & services not for resale

Business Opportunities

Products & Services NOT for Resale

Before beginning to prepare your packet, we strongly suggest that you get to know the Sears Canada brand by visiting a Sears store, or for vendors with non customer facing products and services, familiarize yourself with the Sears Canada environment. Evaluate how your product or services will integrate into our current business.

When you complete the Prospective Vendor/Supplier Profile Form for Not for Resale vendors, please be as detailed as possible. Use what you have learned about Sears to clearly and concisely articulate the value your product or service would provide to Sears Canada. Fill out the form completely. Incomplete forms will not be accepted or considered.

After you have completed the Prospective Vendor/Supplier Profile form, gather the rest of the materials for you packet. You will need to include:

  1. Your Prospective Vendor/Supplier Profile Form
  2. Any supporting documentation you deem necessary. This would include brochures, price lists, equipment lists, pictures, portfolios, presentations, information sheets, articles, press releases, etc. Submit them electronically in PDF, TIF or JPG format. Please ensure that the graphic is sized appropriately for printing.
  3. DO NOT SEND SAMPLES. They will be requested if needed. Samples will not be returned.

Once you have gathered these materials, submit them via email to

When your Prospective Vendor Information Packet has been received, it will be forwarded to the appropriate buying office or service department for review and consideration.

NOTE: If there is interest in your product or questions regarding your information, you will be contacted. Please do not send follow-up emails since we will not know the status of your information after it has been sent to the appropriate buying office.