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sears executives

About Sears

Sears Executives

Executive Leadership Team

Ronald D. Boire

President and Chief Executive Officer

E.J. Bird

Executive Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer

Pat Craddock

VP, Supply Chain & Logistics

Tim Flemming

SVP, Merchant Operations

Gail Galea

SVP, Home & Hard Lines

Randy Gerrie

Senior Vice-President, Retail Stores

Klaudio Leshnjani

Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer

Becky Penrice

Senior Vice-President, Human Resources

Franco Perugini

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Danita Stevenson

SVP Apparel & Accessories

Jeff Severts

Chief Marketing Officer

Stephen Champion

Senior Vice President, Real Estate

Sears Canada Inc. Board of Directors

W. C. Crowley

Chairman of the Board

Ronald D. Boire

Director and President and Chief Executive Officer, Sears Canada Inc.

Tim Flemming

Director and Senior Vice-President, Home & Hardlines and Strategic Initiatives, Sears Canada Inc.

William R. Harker

Vice-Chairman of the Board

R. Raja Khanna

Lead Director

Klaudio Leshnjani

Director and Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, Sears Canada Inc.

James McBurney


Deborah E. Rosati


Danita Stevenson

Director and Senior Vice-President, Apparel & Accessories and Marketing, Sears Canada Inc.

S. Jeffrey Stollenwerck


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