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About CDs

Because of their versatility and performance, compact discs (CDs) have become the standard in playback and recording applications. CDs are compatible with most home, portable and car stereo equipment, as well as with most PCs and laptop computers

About CD Player/Changers

CD players/changers dominate the market of CD equipment. Players come in a number of configurations including multi-play machines (three or more discs) and jukeboxes (24 or more discs). There are basically two systems of loading discs into a multidisc CD player: the carousel or the magazine. The carousel player consists of a rotating tray of several discs. The magazine player has a separate cartridge that stores multiple discs, the cartridge is placed into the player, and the discs are extracted as they are played. Carousel players are easier to use and are more common than magazine formats.

About CD Recorders

A CD recorder can be a useful tool to enhance your music collection. A recorder allows you to copy your favourite songs onto CD-R or CD-RW discs. Most recording machines also allow you to play discs, while not all players have recording capabilities. Also, most recorders allow you to record and play CD-R / CD-RW discs, while not all players will play the recorded discs.


Consider These Important CD Player Features...


How many discs can the CD player hold at once? Most players fall into either the single-disc, multi-disc or jukebox player categories.

Shock resistance

Bumps or vibrations often cause a CD player to skip and many players offer features to isolate the player from shocks. These range from internal suspension systems to cushioned feet on the bottom of the player. Test the player yourself, with a slight tap or shake. There should not be any malfunctions from slight impact to the player.

Random play

Sometimes referred to as "shuffle play," this feature allows you to play tracks in a random order.

Favourite track search

Allows you to program the player to play and remember your favourite songs from a specific disc.


Tells you which track is playing and the number of tracks on a particular disc.

Remote control

Most players include a remote control that allows access to the player from across the room.

Headphone jack

Allows you to listen to music through standard headphones.

Control buttons

Compare the "feel" of the control buttons on a number of players. Are the buttons tight and precise? Does the player drawer slide open smoothly? A player's "feel" can offer some insight into its physical quality.

Consider These Important CD Recorder Features...

Digital recording level

Allows you to manually adjust the volume between two discs with contrasting volumes. You can listen to recorded CDs without hearing a volume change between songs.

Text labelling

Allows you to enter information onto your recording tracks. The encoded information will be displayed on the recorder during playback.

Single-, double- or triple-deck

Double-deck recorders have two wells so you do not need an external source during CD recordings. You can also use this feature to play one disc while recording the other disc. Triple decks allow you to use the recorder as a CD player, allowing you to select the random feature and listen to 3 CDs at once.

Recording fader

Allows the volume to fade in and out of the track during recording and can be manually or automatically adjusted. This helps provides smooth transition between songs.


Most CD players come with fixed analog outputs (right and left) and some players also have variable analog outputs that can be hooked directly to a power amp. Those players that have digital outputs have either coaxial or tosslink optical jacks or a glass optical interface.


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