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Buying Guides - Tips & Hints for Bedding

Basic Bedding:

bedding- ALL PILLOWS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL... Almost 1/3 of our life is spent sleeping. There are two basic pillow choices: natural or synthetic fill. Natural consists of feather, down, or a combination of both. Synthetic fill is commonly polyester. CHOOSING A PILLOW.... A SOFT pillow for a stomach sleeper, MEDIUM pillow for a back sleeper and FIRM for a side sleeper.

- ENSURE IT WILL FIT...before washing a comforter, pop it into the dryer to check if it will fit into the dryer after it fluffs up. To prevent matting, Throw a new/clean tennis ball or two in the dryer with your feather pillows to fluff them.

- CHOOSE THE RIGHT BLANKET... VELLUX BLANKET Nylon fibers bonded to foam are well insulated. ACRYLIC BLANKET A soft, usually hypo-allergenic synthetic fiber. Used in blankets; warm and less expensive than wool. WOOL - A superb natural insulator, providing warmth in blankets. Extremely durable. COTTON - An all natural fiber. Cotton is one of the softest and most breathable fabrics.

- SIZING UP THE RIGHT BLANKET - A THROW is a great size to cuddle up on your favourite chair. Approximate size 50X60.... Add a BLANKET to your bed for extra warmth on a cold winters night or in place of a heavy bed covering on a warm spring night. OVER SIZED BLANKET gives you extra room to tuck in.

- How to clean down.

Down can either be washed or dry-cleaned. The important thing is that it should be very clean when the process is over. If the filaments contain suspended dirt, or dirty dry-cleaning solvent, they will not reloft properly, and the Down will lose much of its insulating ability. If you are washing your down product, it must be washed in an over-sized washing machine, or the down will not get properly cleaned and there is a risk of damaging the washing machine.

- Question: What is a Duvet Baffle Box Stitch?

Answer: Baffle Box construction provides superior warmth. Pieces of cloth that are sewn inside the Duvet Shell (cover) control the flow of down without impending loft. It is the preferred stitch for larger quantities of Down.

- Question: How can down be so light, yet insulate so well?

Answer: Due to its three dimensional structure and the ability to "loft", each cluster traps more air for its weight than any synthetic. Each ounce of good down has about 2 million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to form a protective layer of non-conducting still air that keep warmth in and cool out. Due to its resilience you can scrunch it up or flatten it out, all it takes is good shake for it to fluff up and bounce back to the form that keeps you cozy and warm.

- Question: What is memory foam?

Answer: Memory foam was originally developed to provide astronauts with an exceptional sleeping surface. Memory foam is temperature sensitive and conforms to the shape of your head and neck, helping to provide superior customized support. Memory foam always returns to it's original shape....so there's no time spent "fluffing" up your pillows.

- To refresh and maximize the loft and warmth of your new down duvet, after removing from packaging, place it in the dryer and tumble dry at low temperature for 20-30 minutes, remove it promptly from the dryer.

- Protect your mattress investment with a mattress cover. It serves the dual function of protecting the mattress from sweat and stains while also providing an extra layer of padding on top.


bedding 2- COZY UP TO FLANNEL & JERSEY...FLANNEL Medium weight plain or twill weave, slightly napped fabric. Cotton flannel is used to make flannel sheets. JERSEY Great for all weather conditions. T-Shirt material.

- TIPS & HINTS Loosen stuck zipper, rub with liquid soap. Button closure duvet covers - dab the threads on the buttons with a little clear nail polish to help prevent the thread from coming loose.

- COUNTING THREADS? The number of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the fabric. COMBED COTTON A standard grade cotton which has been combed to remove short fibres and leave the longer ones creating a softer feel. SUPIMA COTTON This American grown cotton features soft, extra long fibres that make for incredibly comfortable linens.

- We suggest 3 sets of linens for every bedroom... one on the bed, one in the laundry and one in the linen closet.

- Washing high thread count sheets.....Machine Wash them in cool water, gentle cycle do not bleach. Tumble dry low and remove promptly from the dryer. Do not dry clean.

- Question: What are the advantages of mercerized cotton? Answer: Mercerized cotton has higher luster, greater strength, holds more dye, and does not shrink as much when washed as unmercized cotton.

- SATEEN- Is a cotton fabric made in Satin Weave. A satin weave is one of the basic weaves: plain, twill, and satin. Satin weave fabric has a characteristic smooth, lustrous. Sateen fabric is durable and very soft. Its ability to retain dye make for rich looking prints.

- When a wrong makes a right. Put the top sheet on with the wrong side facing up. This will allow you to flip the top part of the sheet over your comforter revealing the decorative hem

- Mix and match your sheets by buying them open stock. That way you have the option of mixing up the look of your bed with different patterns, prints or solid colours.

- WHAT'S NEXT TO YOUR SKIN IS WHAT MATTERS MOST...Buying sheets can be confusing especially when you can buy anything from jersey to linen sheets, at thread counts ranging from 180 to more than a 1000. Ultimately what you need to decide is what feels good to you. Check out the kind of fibre that is used as well as thread count. Egyptian, supima and pima cottons are long fibres and when you have longer fibres to weave with you get a silkier, smoother touch. If the cotton is 'combed' it has gone through a process whereby the shorter fibres are removed from the yarn and all the fibres are put in the same alignment, making for a softer fabric.


bedding 3- Drive out winter with a warm blanket. A blanket can warm up any room and create a comfortable cozy atmosphere.


bedding 4- NOTHING WARMS UP A ROOM OR GIVES IT MORE CHARACTER THAN A QUILT! No matter what the style of your house, traditional, modern or rustic nothing will add more to the feeling of comfort than a quilt. No longer hidden under a bedspread or stuffed away in chests. Quilts can be spread on top of a bed, draped over a chair or hung on a wall to make your home a special place.

- MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE... A COMFORTER is a fashionable alternative to a blanket. A DUVET COVER can be used over a duvet or comforter to quickly change the look of a room. A BEDSPREAD is a simple way to cover the bed and provide a sleeker effect than a comforter/duvet cover. Generally a bedspread covers the entire bed right to the floor.

- JAQUARD - A system of weaving which uses a highly versatile pattern mechanism to permit the production of large, intricate designs. Jaquard weaving can be used for tapestry, damask, dress fabrics, and bedding programs.

- GET ORGANIZED! A skirted bed side table is the prefect place to hide some unwanted clutter, knitting materials, phone book, magazines etc. A bedskirt will also hide other stored less used items.

- Bedspreads...Add a bedskirt to your bedspread to achieve a complete coordinated look.

- Storing a quilt....after cleaning the quilt, wrap it in acid-free tissue paper. Lay the folded, wrapped quilt in a flat storage box, along with a container of desiccant-such as silica gel-to absorb moisture. Close the box and place it inside a plastic bag, which will guard against insects and moisture. This method of storing your quilt should keep it pristine for many years.

- Create more decorating opportunities with reversible bedding. Reversible bedding will give your room a different feel in a matter of seconds.


bedding 5- CLEAN IT UP KIDS! To help remove crayon from the wall use a little baking soda on a damp sponge. Scrub gently to avoid mussing the paint or wipe the wall paper clean. An almost fool-proof tip for removing pen (ink) marks from clothing or carpet is Hairspray. Just spray on, leave for a few seconds and wipe with a damp cloth. Test fabric first.

- LET YOUR ROOM DO THE TALKING...Mix and match patterns such as polka dots, plaids, stripes and swirls to get your room noticed. Funky cushions are a cool way of expressing your ceative side.


Décor Ideas:

bedding 6- INSTANT MAKE OVER! A duvet cover is a great quick way to give a room a new look. Matching shams will support the look.

- Ironing Mongorams....Embroidered monograms look best when they pop up crisply from the polished linen around them. To keep them looking sharp and distinct, lay the monogram face down with a towel, and iron it from the back. Then remove the towel, and turn the linen over; iron the area surrounding the monogram from the front, avoiding the embroidered design itself.

- If a room receives a lot of sunlight, select cool colours to balance the feel and with a room that doesn't receive much light select a warm colour.

- Keep in mind when choosing paint colours that you can colour match almost anything. Take a sample of the item you want to match to your paint store and get them to analyse it, and they can sort out the corresponding paint.

- Designing your bedroom into the perfect retreat doesn't have to be a nightmare. Start with your fabrics. You can always choose a colour to coordinate with your fabric. For maximum versatility, choose a detailed fabric that will complement a variety of paint colours.

- Make a small room bigger. Choose lighter colours to increase the lightness of the room. Looking for that perfect retreat at the end of the day? Pastels will help create a more serene setting.

- Vary your textures in your room to avoid too much of a good thing. Compliment your sheets with matte fabrics.

- Top three wedding registry items: 1) Towels, 2) Blankets, and 3) Pillows.

- O Canada ... did you know that Canadian Duck Down is one of the world's warmest downs?

- Along with the variety of textured fabric; add solid colours to keep the balance between mundane and overwhelming. A balance will provide a lasting visual impression, one you can enjoy everyday.

- Freshen the air using small sachets sewn from fabric scrapes filled with powdered cloves, nutmeg, caraway seed, cinnamon and mace. These make great gifts to hang in a closet or place in drawers because they may also help repel moths.



If pocket depth is: 9 - 11" 12-14" 15-16" 18-20"
Flat sheet measurement        
Twin - 39" wide x 75" long bed 61" wide x 98" long 67" wide x 101" long 71" wide x 103"long 79" wide x 107"long
Double - 54 wide x 75" long 76" wide x 98" long  82" wide x 101" long 86" wide x 103" long 94" wide x 107" long
Queen - 60" wide x 80" long 82" wide x 103" long 88" wide x 106" long 92" wide x 108" long 100" wide x 112" long
King - 76" wide x 80" long 98" wide x 104" long 104" wide x 107" long 108" wide x 109" long 116" wide x 113" long
XL Twin - 39" wide x 80" long 61" wide X 103" long 67" wide X 106" long 71" wide X 108" long 79" wide X 112" long
XL Double - 54" wide x 80" long  76" wide x 103" long  82" wide x 106" long  86" wide x 108" long  94" wide x 112" long 
3/4 bed - 47" wide x 75" long 69" wide x 98" long 75" wide x 101" long 79" wide x 103" long 87" wide x 107" long

Sizes are minimum, and should be after laundering sizes.
Length measurement includes 12" for minimum under mattress tuck.

    min. max.
Duvet covers Twin 68" wide x 90" long  
  Double/Queen 88" wide  x 92" long 90" wide x 94" long
  King 105 w x 92" long 104" wide x 94" long
Shams Standard 21X27 + 2 21X27 + 2.5
  Queen 21X31+2 21X31+2.5
  King 21X37+ 2 21X37+ 2.5
Bedskirts Twin Platform - 39" wide X 75" long - skirt drop 15"  
  Double Platform - 54" wide X 75" long - skirt drop 15"  
  Queen Platform - 60" wide X 80" long - skirt drop 15"  
  King Platform - 75" wide X 80" long - skirt drop 15"  



Top of Bed Retail packaging standard measurements

Measurements in height, then width.



Product Package Size (Front facing) Front Insert Back Insert Side Insert (Gusset)
Open stock sheets 9" high X 6" wide 5.5" high X 5.5" wide 8.5" HIGH X 5.5" WIDE  
Shams 9" high X 6" wide 5.5" high X 5.5" wide 8.5" high X 5.5" wide  
Bedskirts 9" high X 6" wide 5.5" high X 5.5" wide 8.5" high X 5.5" wide  
Valances 9" high X 6" wide 5.5" high X 5.5" wide 8.5" high X 5.5" wide  
Sheet sets 9" high X 11" wide 6" high X 6" wide 7" high X 9" wide  
Duvet covers 9" high X 11" wide 6" high X 6" wide 7" high X 9" wide  
Comforters 22" high x 22" wide 9" high X 9" wide 9" high X 13" wide 9" high X 5.75" wide
Bed-in-a-bag 22" high x 22" wide 9" high X 9" wide 9" high X 13" wide 9" high X 5.75" wide
Comforter ens. 22" high x 22" wide 9" high X 9" wide 9" high X 13" wide 9" high X 5.75" wide
Quilts 18" high X 12" wide 9" high X 9" wide 13" high X 9" wide   
  17" high X 15 wide"  9" high X 9" wide 13" high X 9" wide   
Matelasse 15" high X 13" wide 9" high X 9" wide 13" high X 9" wide