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Decorating small rooms

An important element to consider when decorating small spaces is to only use items you love. In small areas there won't be room for items that don't make you happy.


A room or area full of mismatched pieces won't look as nice as it could. Even if the pieces are expensive, well made & comfortable, if they don't match, it'll show.

Make it comfortable

Not in regards to the actual seats, but the overall comfort of the room. For example, a huge abstract painting may dominate a room or a mountain of throw pillows may be uncomfortable.

Consider who uses the room

It should go without saying, but the décor for a 10-year-old girl most likely won't appeal to a 16-year-old boy or a 50-year-old man. In group areas, gender & age neutral work well.

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Whole Home /MD ''Birch Style 1100'' Nightstand

Whole Home /MD ''Birch Style 1100'' Nightstan...d

    Save $300.00 until May 31, 2015$899.99

    Whole Home /MD ''Bart II'' Sofa

    Whole Home /MD ''Bart II'' Sofa

      Save $500.00 until May 31, 2015$1,099.99

      Whole Home /MD ''Bart II'' Loveseat

      Whole Home /MD ''Bart II'' Loveseat

        Save $500.00 until May 31, 2015$1,049.99

        Whole Home /MD ''Bart II'' Chair

        Whole Home /MD ''Bart II'' Chair

          Save $500.00 until May 31, 2015$899.99

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