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Cardio training


If you're just starting out your fitness regimen or aren't interested in an advanced machine with many complex features, these elliptical trainers are right for you. These machines are more light weight and have a few basic programs, so you can start to get a basic cardio workout in the comfort of your home.


If you've been training for a while and need a machine that has more workout options and will allow you to push your limits, you will want an elliptical with more features. These machines are capable of bearing greater weight, can remember settings for multiple users, and have heavier flywheels and larger brakes, resulting in a smoother workout.


These ellipticals have all of the features a long-term fitness enthusiast will need. These machines are made with heavier materials and come with a greater variety of preset and custom programs for a complete fitness regimen. They have heavy-duty back flywheels like models found in gyms, and lots of programs so you can vary your workout as you get into better shape.

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