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Find the most comfortable & stylish seats.

The perfect sofa, sectional or loveseat is the ideal start, or finish, to any room.

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  • Standard sofas/couches range from 6-8' in length and fit 2-3 people.
  • Should fit comfortably in most living/family rooms in residential homes.
  • Might be a challenge to fit in a smaller apartment or condominium.


  • Many stylish & functional configurations, perfect for socializing situations.
  • Typically range from 9-14' in length, with a variety of design shapes.
  • Excellent for large rooms & basements, sectionals can be separated when needed.


  • Traditionally 5-6' in length, loveseats will fit two people comfortably.
  • Ideal for smaller spaces like apartments, condos, dens & home offices.
  • Try two loveseats in rooms where a sofa/loveseat combo is too large.
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'Daniella' Motion Love Seat

'Daniella' Motion Love Seat

    Save $870.00 until Jun 29, 2014$874.99

    'Daniella' Motion Sofa

    'Daniella' Motion Sofa

      Save $900.00 until Jun 29, 2014$899.99

      El Ran ''Naples'' Reclining Sofa

      El Ran ''Naples'' Reclining Sofa

        Save $600.00 until April 24, 2014$1,399.99

        El Ran 'Trent II' Bonded Leather Motion Love Seat

        El Ran 'Trent II' Bonded Leather Motion Love ...Seat

          Save 40% until Aug 17, 2014$879.99

          El Ran 'Trent II' Bonded Leather Motion Sofa

          El Ran 'Trent II' Bonded Leather Motion Sofa

            Save 40% until Aug 17, 2014$899.99

            ''Dandy'' Reclining Sofa

            ''Dandy'' Reclining Sofa

            1 review