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Mix & match

Mix & Match

A Mix & Match Sleep Set is a great option for someone looking for affordability, without sacrificing quality. If the look of your set (which will be under your sheets/comforter anyways) is of secondary concern, Mix & Match is ideal because it consists of two unmatching pieces - a foundation and mattress.

Box Springs

Your foundation is very important - it helps prolong mattress life & absorbs/distributes weight, as well as raising the mattress to a desirable height. The sides feature ticking; the top a skid-resistant fabric. Foundations available include Posture Box, Semi-flex Grid, Foam, Coil Spring & Modular Grid.


Your mattress is the most important part of your sleep set. Ensure you know what you're looking for - it's where you will spend lots of time. There's many coil types (Open, Integrated, Pocket) & top styles (Tight, Pillow, Euro, Euro Pillow) to choose from, as well as deciding between firm & plush.

Bed Frames

Sleep sets need support, or the integrity of your set could be compromised. It's especially important for queen- or king-sized sets where improper support can result in twisting/sagging, so look for extra support at the centre. Choose a frame with a centre support rail & extra legs (6 instead of 4).

What top style is right for you?

Tight Top

A tight top is a bare-bones mattress - it has no extra topping at all. Generally, tight top mattresses are firm-feeling as there are only a few inches of fibres between you and the coil system.

Pillow Top

Has a few more inches of padding than a tight top, like a single layer of pillowing. Can be made of foams, fibres or a combination. Softer than tight top, but you can feel the support.

Euro Top

Has several more comfort layers than pillow top with no gusset, it's a softer version that is initially comforting. Looks like a small mattress is on top. Made of foam, fibres or a combination.

Euro Pillow Top

A combination of euro & pillow top. Generally the plushest, it looks lofty (several inches in height) & feels like sleeping on a cloud. Can be made of different foams/fibres & even other coils.

What coil type is right for you?

Open Coil

This hourglass-shaped wire coil is joined to adjacent coils by small wire spirals called helical. The open coil design provides good initial support.

Integrated Coil

With integrated coil, each row of coils is made of a single wire attached to the next row. It's often made into honeycomb shape to allow more coils which can deflect weight.

Pocket or Independent Coil

Pocket/Independent Coil is a cylindrical spring wrapped in a fabric pocket for more contour. Each coil is independent, creating less disturbance when someone moves.

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Sears Canada makes customizing your sleep setup a cinch with dozens of mix and match sleep sets to choose from. Select your style and size and pick the mixed sleep set that caters to all your individual needs. Perfect for those looking for a unique setup, these mixed mattress sets allow you to get all your favourite features without sacrificing quality.