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Small appliances

Blenders & Mixers


There are 3 types available - Countertop (for traditional blending needs), Personal (for smaller jobs) or Immersion (for larger, less-portable tasks).


Choose between a stand mixer, which works hands-free and can tackle large jobs, or an economical hand mixer for smaller batches and easy use.

Food Processors

Ideal for chopping, mincing, grinding, pureeing, slicing or shredding, a food processor has 4-16 cup capacity and usually features 2 speed settings: On & Pulse.


Deep Fryers

Used for fries, fish, wings & more, deep fryers range from 3-8 cups. Some even feature rotating baskets for healthier foods and temperature control for accurate cooking.

Indoor Grills

There are 3 types of indoor grills - Open (for BBQ-style cooking), Contact (for quicker cooking & Paninis) & Hybrid (for the best of both worlds).

Slow Cookers

Great for families on the go, slow cookers range from 1-8 quarts. Round ones are best for soups, stews, chilis and sauces; oval ones are ideal for large cuts of meat.


Use a conventional toaster for bread or bagels; a toaster oven for full chickens or pizza (makes a great second oven). Just ensure what you choose has enough space.

Coffee & Tea

Coffee Makers

There are 3 types, Drip - the popular one most people have; Percolator - an all-in-one unit; or Single Serve - which feature popular k-cups or pods.

Espresso Makers

All espresso machine work the same way – they force hot water through coffee grounds under pressure. Choose from Steam, Pump or Automatic machines.

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Breville ''Hot Wok'' 6-Quart Wok

Breville ''Hot Wok'' 6-Quart Wok

1 review

    Save $30.00 until April 26, 2015$119.99

    Lodge™ Lodge Logic Double Play Reversible Griddle

    Lodge™ Lodge Logic Double Play Reversible Gri...ddle

    5 reviews

      Save $18.75 until April 30, 2015$56.24

      Fox Run Bacon Press

      Fox Run Bacon Press

        Save 20%$14.39

        Breville Smart Grill, BGR820XL

        Breville Smart Grill, BGR820XL

        2 reviews


          Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler™

          Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler™

          38 reviews


            Hamilton Beach Searing Grill, 25360

            Hamilton Beach Searing Grill, 25360

            3 reviews