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What type of luggage is best for you?

Each of the three types of luggage has it's own pros & cons, but only one is right for you.

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Hard-sided construction

  • Superb content protection. Rigid exterior will often not bend or puncture.
  • Ideal for situations when there are fragile or valuable items inside.
  • If it does flex under extreme weight/stress, it'll pop back to original shape.
  • Made from solid materials, but pieces are relatively light & easy to move.

Soft-sided construction

  • Lighter than hard-sided, they usually have stiffeners to help hold their shape.
  • An expandable type of luggage, but offer less crushing or impact protection.
  • Soft & pliable, so it conforms to contents & adjusts to overhead compartments.
  • Denier refers to the fabric's weave strength. Look for a denier of 400 or more.

Hybrid construction

  • Features a combination of materials such as polyester and polycarbonate.
  • Hybrid luggage has the strength and support of a hard-side luggage.
  • Also offers the convenience and functionality of soft-sided luggage.
  • Will also feature denier count, so look for a denier of 400 or more.
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Samsonite Winfield 2 - 28'' Expandable Spinner

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          Thanks to the wide selection of upright luggage available at Sears Canada, you'll travel through airports with ease. From upright carry on luggage for overnight trips to hard-sided luggage for longer vacations, we have the solution to keeping your clothes and accessories organized. Whether you're headed out of town for work or you're planning the journey of a lifetime, our 4 wheel luggage is sure to survive the wear and tear of any trip.