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Colour isn’t the only factor when buying towels.


100% cotton offers great absorbency & softness. Remember that a heavier towel is thicker & will appear more luxurious.


Generally standard-sized, but exact dimensions will depend on the manufacturer. Also includes facecloths, hand/bath towels & bath sheets.


Keep in mind that large towels may be cumbersome for some children, while smaller towels may be too small for adults.


To keep towels in top shape, avoid fabric softeners & dryer sheets as chemicals can coat the cotton fibres, hindering water absorption.

Ringspun Combed Cotton Towels

Ringspun Combed Cotton Towels

2 reviews

    Save 50% until Jul 20, 2014$5.99

    ATELIER MARTEX Egyptian Cotton Towels

    ATELIER MARTEX Egyptian Cotton Towels

      Save 50% until Jul 20, 2014$7.49