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Patio furniture

Patio furniture

Patio furniture can be made of several materials


Choose from teak, cedar or pine for a natural, casual & contemporary look & feel. Naturally weather-resistant, solid, sturdy...wood won't get too hot or cool.


Choose from heavy & durable wrought iron, durable & sturdy steel, or light & inexpensive aluminum. All will feature their own specific benefits to suit your needs.


Refers to materials woven together for a natural, casual look that's stylish, durable & lightweight. It's easily moved & is made from materials like cane, rattan & willow.


A light & inexpensive option, some plastic furniture is made of recycled materials that are durable & easy to maintain. It's also UV protected & comes in many colours.

wholeHome LUXE (TM/MC) Riviera Collection Set Of 2 Chairs

wholeHome LUXE (TM/MC) Riviera Collection Set... Of 2 Chairs

    Save $105.00 until April 24, 2014$594.99

    Freeport Collection Club Chair

    Freeport Collection Club Chair

      Save $120.00 until April 24, 2014$679.99

      Inflatable Ottoman

      Inflatable Ottoman

        Save $4.50 until April 24, 2014$25.49

        wholeHome CASUAL(TM/MC) Chair Cover

        wholeHome CASUAL(TM/MC) Chair Cover

          Save $3.00 until April 24, 2014$16.99

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